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MISSION: To help every person love and value how I.T. can make their lives easier

Chris Blunt, Head of Making IT Work

At brokenStones we believe every business should have I.T. systems that helps it grow and thrive, making the lives of the owners and staff easier and more enjoyable.

We do that by addressing the three main reasons why I.T. is not easy…

You’ve found the Midlands and Staffordshire leading IT company.

We’re BrokenStones, and we’re passionate about supporting local businesses like yours with world leading IT hardware, support and cybersecurity protection.

How brokenStones helps Make your IT easy:

Right IT Kit

In my 30+ years of experience in I.T. I’ve learnt that most I.T. problems are caused because of something that’s past it’s best, or something wasn’t right in the first place…

In short, something has not had the love, care and attention it needs. Let’s sit down and work out what the right I.T. equipment is for your own individual needs.

Proper IT Support

Some geek running around fixing things is IT support gone wrong… That’s not proper IT support, that’s reactive, after the horse has bolted support…

Proper IT support is proactive. Creating a smooth and enjoyable I.T. experience and removing all your IT frustrations. In short proper IT support is making IT Easy!

Relevant Cyber Security

Cyber Security is quickly becoming the buzzword of the decade – and it’s great that businesses are becoming aware of Cybersecurity issues! But how do you ensure you’ve got the right Cyber Security in place?

Getting the right Cybersecurity for your business is easy with our proven three-step process. Identify, Mitigate, Ensure.

Meet the Team

brokenStones provides IT support and consultancy services to a range of businesses – from those with just a handful of staff to those with over 200 employees. As a managed IT services company based in Lichfield, we have helped many businesses across different industries implement the right processes for them.  

We provide remote and on-site support, supplying and installing a range of IT hardware and software, equipping your entire office with IT that works with your team (and not against them!).

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

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Thank you for your support to my business during this year! It has been a terrible year, but it would have been worse without our friendly chats and your excellent problem resolution!

Wishing you a fantastic Christmas and here’s to a new year full of amazing opportunities!!

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