What Does it Cost to Transfer a Domain Name?


Just lately I’ve come across a number of registrars charging for domain transfers.. this seems a bit excessive as there really isn’t very much to do.. it just seems like they lure people in with the promise of cheap domains, and then rip them off when they realise their service isn’t that great and they want to transfer away.



.UK Domains

Transferring .uk domains ‘should’ be free… to transfer a .uk domain name you need to change the ‘IPSTAG’ to the new registrar, your new registrar should inform you what their IPSTAG is, some ISP’s provide a web interface, some do it themselves manually.. the thing to remember is, it’s a 30 second job, why should you pay for the privilege of moving your own domain name??

Nominet, who maintain the register of all domain names ending in .uk, can transfer the domain for you for £10+VAT, If your ISP is going to charge you, don’t give in to them and use Nominet instead.



Most other Domains

Transferring most other domains ( eg .com, .net, .info, .org etc.. ) usually incurs a renewal fee, but this adds one year to your domain and is charged by your new registrar… ( In some cases it renews the domain from the date the order is processed… )