Keep Your Business Protected With Cyber Security

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

More and more businesses are coming to us to ask about Cyber Security. 

People are growing more aware of the risks faced by sharing their data online, and we are all aware of the risks businesses face when it comes to protecting themselves and their customers.

It’s good news that Cyber Security is on more peoples’ agendas, but brokenStones is aware that not all businesses face the same risks. That’s why we use a proven, three-step process to solve your Cyber Security problems. 

Through this process, we properly identify the CyberSecurity vulnerabilities in your business, identify a schedule of work to mitigate them and ensure you are adhering to industry best practiceAs a managed security provider based in Lichfield, we have helped many businesses across different industries tackle their security issues in the right way. 

Only by following the process through can a business be confident that they have properly addressed their CyberSecurity issues. We have supported business across different sectors and with different sizes and we tailor a different approach for everyone. Whether you are looking to get some Cyber Security support for your small business or you need help on a larger scale, we offer the right services, here at brokenStones. 

Securing your business starts with 3 simple steps:

Your one-to-one review

To properly tackle Cyber Security in your business you first need to understand what risks your facing and how you currently handle them (or not as the case may be!).

That’s why Stage 1 is a structured interview process, that helps uncover your real cyber security challenges, so we can build a program of work that’s relevant to your business.

Scheduling better security

In Stage 2, we run several scans of your IT systems, including a network scan, a performance scan and even a dark web scan to identify and uncover potential vulnerabilities and risks.

By the end of this, you’ll be provided with a robust schedule of work that will ensure the overall cybersecurity of your business is improved, based on the unique results of your scans.

Ensuring results

Last is a follow-up meeting to assess the schedule of work from Stage 2 and evaluate how your business compares to industry standards and government guidelines.

At the end of this stage, you will be able to confidently complete the Government Cyber Essentials certification if you wish, and earn the recognition that your business adheres to good CyberSecurity practices.

Cyber Security Events

We run Regular CyberSecurity events educating businesses on the CyberSecurity threats facing them and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Get started with your FREE Dark Web Scan

Using your organisation’s URL, brokenStones run Dark Web Scans in order to determine whether your logins and passwords are available on the dark web.

No one wants hackers in their systems, so we report back what credentials are comprised and who’s responsible, as well as recommending a solution to resolve any breaches – and don’t worry, it’s all presented in person to maintain confidentiality.

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