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IT Equipment seems like it should be easy, doesn’t it?

The trouble is, choosing the right I.T. hardware for your business actually creates a lot more questions than you might think at first.

Price, quality, requirements specific to your business – all considerations which you might not have the answers to, are all things that brokenStones would be happy to answer for you. 

We believe I.T. is there to make your life easier. In order to uncomplicate it, we sit down with you to understand what you’re trying to do and why, so that our experts can identify the equipment that suits your individual needs and – you guessed it – makes your life easier.

IT equipment available from brokenStones:

Desktop & Laptops

Any machine you buy from us goes through a comprehensive preparation process so that when it arrives, the only software on there is what you actually need.

We also make sure all the software and drivers are completely up to date so that you can get the very best out of your new machine, instead of wasting time on installation, configuration and updates


Changing servers can be a big upheaval for your business and with all this talk of the cloud, is a server even right for your business anymore?

I know it can be really confusing at the moment, that’s why it’s vitally important you get the right advice and make the right decision that’s going to support your business to grow – whether that’s server or cloud, or both!


Often one of the biggest hidden costs in our businesses. Despite the drive to go paperless, we all still seem to print an awful lot of paper.

Using one of our Auditing tools, we can determine how much you print on a monthly basis and then recommend you a printer based on its actual ongoing monthly printing costs, rather than just what sounds good…

Network Infrastructure

Your network infrastructure is the glue that holds all your IT together.

It’s easy to implement a basic network setup – buy yourself a cheap switch and plug in a few cables and add a wireless access point… The trouble is, unless you’ve been really lucky, this will leave you with a whole host of issues which will be dragging the rest of your IT kit down.

At brokenStones, we focus on ensuring you have the right network infrastructure for your business needs.


In recent years telecoms have become essentially an extension of your IT systems – they actually rely on an element of your IT to actually work.

With a whole plethora of providers out there all seeming to offer a similar thing, how do you know the solution you choose is going to work exactly as it should, with zero issues?

Our team will ensure you have the right IT  to properly support your telecoms system.

BONUS! You can pay on finance for your equipment

We believe in paying for things as you use them, rather than before you use them.

At the end of the day, all IT equipment is a depreciating asset. If you can spread the cost of that asset over its life rather than tie your cash up 3-5 years in advance surely that’s going to help your business.

We work closely with a global finance group to help you keep the cash in your business and not tied up in bits of metal and plastic sat in your office.

Get started with your FREE Onsite Network Performance Review

One of our technical specialists will visit you on-site, deep-diving on your hardware specifications, operating functions and the suitability of your I.T. set up for your daily usage needs.

The result is an information-packed report about what’s working well and potential points for improvement – all taking into consideration your specific business needs.

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