Windows 11 is finally here

As your trusted IT Managed Services provider, we always strive to keep you and your systems as up to date as possible, especially when it comes to major new Software releases and updates. 

After months of waiting, Microsoft have finally released Windows 11. For many of us, we’ve seen the progression from Windows 98 to Windows 10, via XP, Vista, 7 and 8! Some of these upgrades were brilliant, a couple were fairly short lived! Time will tell where Windows 11 fits in. 

As with the move from Windows 7 to Windows 10, we want to give you as much information, and as much notice as possible when it comes to this upgrade, and what we feel are the best next steps for you to ensure that your business is not affected in any way. 

Key Informati

  • The deadline for moving is 2025 
  • Windows 11 is still very new, we’re waiting to see what issues are discovered worldwide before we encourage a wide scale roll out, this could take several months. 
  • Unless there is a specific business need, our current advice is to stick with Windows 10. 

With this in mind we are encouraging you to book a call with us ASAP to discuss Windows 11, and whether upgrading to this new platform is best for your business.  

We have three KEY questions we need to cover with you before we even think about adopting Windows 11 for your business: 

  1. Does your Current Hardware Support Windows 11?
  2. Do your existing business critical software solutions work with Windows 11?
  3. How easily do you and your staff adapt to change.? 

There are some incredibly compelling reasons why Windows 11 will benefit your business long term. 

  • Windows 11 is the most secured Windows yet.  
  • In 2020 Microsoft helped fend off over 30 billion email threats, 6 billion threats to end user devices, just like the desktops and notebooks you use today. 
  • All the threat intelligence and technology they have, has gone into the crafting process in making Windows 11.   

Aside from the security upgrade, Windows 11 has many more features than Windows 10.  

  • Visually, some of the biggest changes you see will be found along the taskbar. 
  • The design will be clean, with rounded corners and a centred taskbar and Start menu. 
  • Windows 11 also has integrated Android apps, Microsoft Teams integration and easier transition from monitor to laptop, and much better multitasking with the new Snap Groups and Snap Layouts feature. So, there are many new features worth upgrading for. 

With all this in mind we would very much like to arrange a Technology Business Review with you to discuss your appetite and readiness for upgrading to Windows 11. In this meeting, we can discuss which of your Computers will Support Windows 11, and which software solutions you use that will support Windows 11, and set a planned date for when it’s right for you to move to Windows 11. 

We want to set this date with you now in order that we can be as proactive and forward thinking as possible, and ensure that you, your staff and your business are in the best possible position in 2022!