CyberEasy by brokenStones

The complete, all-in-one, cybersecurity protection package for small businesses

At brokenStones we believe that business of all sizes deserves the same level of protection and care when it comes to Cyber Security.

We have talked to a large number of Business Owners, Security Professionals and Technology leaders to pull together a list of the greatest and most common threats to small businesses along with the best way to combat them.

We’ve looked at what the most important businesses processes are, what you want to get back up and running quickly, and what most small business owners are prepared to pay on a monthly basis to guarantee their ongoing safety and that of their staff.

Armed with this information we’ve then applied our own 20+ years experience in Small Business IT Security along with our knowledge and experiences from being licensed Cyber Security Assessors to create a Cybersecurity package designed specifically for small businesses to give you the level of Cybersecurity protection you need.

The Result is CyberEasy, the complete, all-in-one, Cybersecurity protection package for small businesses.

There are SIX key elements which we look after for you, so you’re well prepared against the Cybersecurity risks threatening your business.


Advanced next generation protection from Viruses, Malware & Ransomware


Warning & preventing you from visiting potential and known harmful websites

Up to Date

Making sure all the important security updates are applied ASAP (the most common way a business get’s breached!)


An emergency “I need help” line if you’re even unsure about a potential security risk


Keeps your private information price and secures the information on your computer, even if it gets lost or stolen.


The ability to restore your entire machine back to the previous hour, day or month, just in case the worst does happen!

CyberEasy means you get peace of mind that whatever Cyber threat comes your way, you’ve got the protection and backup to deal with it. Having an IT security plan in place ensures your business will continue to function optimally.  Regardless of your company’s size, get in touch to find out more.

What does it cost?

We run Regular CyberSecurity events educating both small and large businesses on the CyberSecurity threats facing them and how to avoid becoming a victim.


An entire years worth of Protection with CyberEasy includes:

  • Next-gen virus, malware and ransomware protection
  • Protection from visiting malicious websites
  • Managed security updates for your computer and key applications
  • An emergency “I Need Help” line if you’re unsure about a potential security issue
  • Encryption for your computer and your files should your machine get lost or stolen
  • Full Cloud backup of your entire machine. Restore back to the previous hour, day to month in minutes


Care+ for CyberEasy

This Add-on for CyberEasy gives you 12 months protection for your Office 365 account too, along with a full Office 365 Business Premium License.

  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Full Cloud Backup for all your Office 365 Data
  • Comprehensive E-Mail Security Package for Office 365
  • Monitoring of your Office 365 account for Suspicious activity


CyberEasy Enquiry

What are you interested in?


How long do I have to commit to CyberEasy for?

Our package is designed to cover you for 12 months, at which point we’ll give you the option to renew, if you’d prefer to pay monthly please ask us for more details.

Do I still need my existing virus protection?

No, the advanced protection included in this package covers that, so you won’t have to pay for your own virus protection when it’s next due for renewal.

I have two machines, what is the cost?

We charge per machine, but for additional machines there is a reduction in price, please ask for details.

Can you guarantee I will be protected against all attacks?

In short No, but government research shows by covering the areas this package has, 97% of attacks are substantially mitigated. The trouble is the world of Cyber Security is constantly evolving, and the criminals are finding new ways to cripple a business every hour of the day. However, because CyberEasy includes Business Continuity in the package, should the worst happen, we simply reset your PC to a time when you were not affected in literally minutes, and you can continue to work.

What happens if my PC is stolen or lost?

Let us know and we’ll first see if we can locate it for you based on the last time we saw it online, if not with your permission we can then remotely lock and wipe all the information on there for you. We’ll then restore the last backup to a new machine for you and get you back up and running again.

I have a Mac, can I still have this package?

Absolutely, Mac’s are just as much at risk! The business continuity works in a slightly different way, please ask us for more details.

How quickly can you implement this for me?

Depending on Engineer availability, but normally within 24 hours

I work with Public Sector clients and Schools. Will this help me become accredited to continue working with them?

CyberEasy does not automatically give you a Cyber Essentials Certification, but it will help you achieve it. Our Security Team can work with you to help you achieve Cyber Essentials Certification through our Taking Cyber Security Seriously solution.

Is this an IT Support package as well?

Whilst it’s true you may get less IT Support issues by having good Cybersecurity, this is most definitely NOT a traditional IT Support package. This is specifically focussed on your cybersecurity needs, whilst our staff are well trained IT professionals their primary concern is about your security, we still recommend you have a traditional IT Support package to help you with all the day to day IT issues you may have (Like not being able to print or not able to login).

What happens if I do have a Cyber Attack with CyberEasy?

First off, you will normally find one of the protection services will kick in and automatically halt the attack and start remediating it. In some circumstances you may even get a call from one of our security team to check a few details (they will never ask you for passwords!). In the event it’s a particularly nasty attack and does damage your computer, we’ll simply roll you back to a known working state through the cloud continuity service, it’ll be like it never happened in just a matter of minutes.

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