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In today’s world where more and more people work remotely, keeping your email security up-to-date has become more important than ever before. The increased demand for communication flow between all team members via email has also led to an increase in known and emerging threats. At brokenStones, we provide a reliable Email Protection Software that ensures that your business remains protected against all email security risks.

What is email security and why is it important?

Your email security is composed of the methods you use to protect the information shared in your emails, as well as your email account data. Ensuring reliable email protection requires multiple levels of protection, including different software, techniques and procedures.

Emails are vulnerable to a series of cyberattacks, which if successful, could cause major damage to your network and serious sensitive data breach protection issues, as well as serious financial and information losses. This is why it is of utmost importance to keep your business protected from email cyberattacks. The brokenStones email protection software can do just that!

Email Security Threats

There are many types of email attacks that you could be a target of. From regular viruses, spam and phishing, internal email risks, file sharing risk to more advanced attacks, there’s no way of knowing what the next threat is going to be. Here are some of the common email attacks we can protect your from:


Phishing is a technique used to trick users into disclosing sensitive data by impersonating a legitimate user. For example, the email may seem to be sent by your boss or maybe by an institution, such as the HMRC or your bank. If the recipient believes the email is genuine they could give out their personal data and even authorise payments.


In the context of email security, spoofing is a method employed in email impersonation attacks. It tricks the email recipient to think that an email is coming from a trusted source, where it actually is coming from an unknown sender. Spoofing techniques are often used in phishing attacks; however, they can be used to introduce other email security threats, such as malware.


Malware refers to all types of malicious software, including spyware, viruses, and ransomware. An email attack can be used to download malware code to your network. This can grant access to your network or cause serious damage to the system. 

Internal email threats

There are many ways your system can be attacked using internal user accounts – from access gained via a compromised email account to human error and malicious intent. To prevent this, our email security software constantly monitors internal emails to identify and prevent threats. 

How brokenStones can help

By having an email security plan in action, we ensure that you won’t lose any important information and your files remain secured at all times. Instead of only addressing threats on an individual basis, our email protection software offers an integrated approach to email security.

We offer a complete, reliable software solution to your email security. With our flexible, time-effective email security approach, we ensure your entire system is protected against various forms of email attacks. The brokenStones email protection software offers:


  • Instant threat detection
  • Real-time response to cyberattacks
  • Advanced cyberattacks protection, including spam, ransomware and BEC
  • Enhanced encryption for data breach protection
  • Ongoing system monitoring
  • High-risk user behaviour identification
  • Actional cyberattack reporting

Cloud Email Security Software

Email management is a pivotal part of your business when you manage a large number of remote staff. With an email protection software solution, you benefit from email security and continuity while minimizing any risks and associated costs.

Choosing our cloud email security services will not only keep you protected against malware, spam and other threats, but it will also ensure the optimal functioning of your business in times where your business can be most vulnerable. You won’t have to wait for the implementation process as it’s done quickly with no setup costs.

Use Cases

Our cloud email security software has numerous applications within your overarching cybersecurity strategy with the most important being to:


  • Protect from spam and phishing which are the most common types of email attacks.
  • Restrict access to email attachments to avoid the automatic download of malware to your network.
  • Identify explicit content which is widely used in phishing emails.
  • Educate users by identifying and addressing high-risk behaviour.

Rapid cyber threats response

Our email security software will give you an advanced level of protection against spam, BEC, ransomware and other advanced targeted attacks. You will be able to respond to cyber threats in real-time and prevent any malicious attacks.

When all of your team members are busy with their tasks, it is easy to overlook any signs of a compromised inbox. This further leads to other threats and your domain reputation can easily become vulnerable. Our software detects and prevents any abnormal activity allowing you to carry on as usual while our software tackles the threats.

Data Loss Protection

Our email protection software will further prevent data loss by providing advanced data breach protection. Sensitive data is usually the main target of most cyberattacks and any confidential documents such as financial sheets, employee information and any other attachments need to be protected.  

Identify high-risk user behaviour

Human error can inadvertently lead to an email security breach. In fact, fooling the recipient is exactly what phishing tactics rely on. Thanks to its robust data collection capability, our email security software can give you reports on potentially risky user behaviour, which can help you identify internal problems and focus on educating staff about potential dangers.

Stay protected against cyber attacks

As more customers have to work from home, emails will become even more used. As a business leader, it is important to ensure your company is protected against any malicious attacks, data losses and other threats that could have a negative impact on your business during vulnerable times. Some of the best practices for keeping your email secure include:

  • Conducting regular internal phishing exercises
  • Using multi-step authentication for users
  • Informing your cybersecurity strategy with threat intelligence
  • Investing in outsourced cybersecurity services 

At brokenStones, we have been supporting clients in the West Midlands and across the UK with their protection infrastructure and cybersecurity needs for years. Thanks to our email security software solution, we can ensure that your business can continue to operate in a safe environment. If you want to know more about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and our cybersecurity experts will be happy to help.


What is email security?

Email security refers to the software, procedures and techniques you use to protect your email communication (email content, account access and contact information) from hackers. Email protection is used to prevent various attacks, including spam, phishing and malware.

What are the different types of email security?

Email security can use different techniques to prevent attacks, including anti-virus protection, data encryption, spam filters and explicit content control.

Why do you need email security?

Email protection should not be taken lightly, as emails provide an easy gateway into your business for cybercriminals. From stealing sensitive data and tricking employees into processing fake payments to spreading malware throughout your whole network, email cyberattacks can cause significant damage to your organisation.

How can an email be compromised?

An email cyber threat can be hidden anywhere – from malware in the body or the attachments of the email to infected URLs within the email and a spoofed sender email address.

How do I protect my email?

Employing an email security software, such as the one offered by brokenStones, as well as offering email security awareness training for your employees are the most effective methods of protecting your email communication.

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