Remote Conferences Made Easy

Can’t attend a conference or a meeting? We’ve got a solution.

When working from home is a requirement due to unforeseeable situations, businesses must ensure their communication processes remain clear.

Video conferencing is an essential part of businesses that manage multiple departments, big teams and have to interact with clients, partners and other key players in their team. When remote working becomes a must and your teams are stuck at home, you need to have the right processes to allow normal business functioning. A reliable video conferencing infrastructure needs to be in place so that you won’t experience any interruptions. At brokenStones, we have developed affordable and practical solutions for clients who need to organise multiple meetings with different parties.  

Wherever you are, take your conferences with you

When unexpected situations interfere with your normal daily schedule, cancelling important meetings might affect your performance. At brokenStones, we help businesses strive in uncertain moments by providing tools that support their optimal functioning. 

Benefits of Video Conferencing: 


Virtual Conferences

From the comfort of your own home, you can hold meetings with your teams, regardless of how large or small they are. The functionality of our platform allows the meeting to go as planned, with everyone communicating and presenting their ideas as if all members were in one single room. Available on both desktop and Mobile, your teams can communicate easier whether they are. 

Same functions

If you’re switching to video conferencing, it doesn’t mean you will lose the functionality a real-life one gives you. The team members will be able to participate and engage in the conference by sharing their screens and presentations as well as through audio and video inputs. With support for multiple video cameras and multiple screens as well as integration with professional AV equipment, your video conference experience will be as professional as ever. 

Combine 3rd Party Platforms

You can register your video room systems with us so that you can have access to all of them in one place. Our video room system subscription allows you to communicate and collaborate across all your preferred platforms easier and quicker.

Cloud Collaboration & Video Conferencing UK

Supporting your teams with professional video conferencing solutions has never been easier. Web Meetings, WebConferences and Webinars for all your remote workers are all part of what you could do. Our cloud-based conferencing solutions allows your entire business departments to organise all the meetings required to carry on as usual. 

Tailored Designs & Professional Support 

With brokenStones, you can trust that we will be there for you when you have a question. Our teams will be able to help with any support that you might require. Our aim is to provide the best video environment for your business to further support your communication processes, both internally and externally. 

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