Business VoIP Telephone Systems

Get the business flexibility that you want

When working from home is a requirement due to unforeseeable situations, businesses must ensure their communication processes remain clear.

Functioning as normal during any emergencies while keeping your productivity levels up can be hard to achieve when there is no plan in place. That’s the reason why cloud-based applications and technologies like VoIP can save you.

A reliable VoIP system does exactly that: giving you the flexibility you want, your entire team can communicate both internally and externally in an efficient way, without experiencing any disruptions.

Cloud-based VoIP system

Voice over Internet Protocol is similar to any traditional phone systems. However, a VoIP uses the internet to digitally transmit your phone calls as opposed to using a phone line provided by a traditional phone provider. You benefit from lower costs per call and while being hosted on the cloud, it means you are going to be more secure. This allows you to spend less money on the overall maintenance and hardware.

Another benefit of the VoIP systems is that it allows you to be as flexible as you want. With VoIP phone systems, you can now take and manage your calls from your mobile or computer as well as your desk phone. Regardless of where you are, you will be able to use all of the features that the office system offers you. 

Our Solution to Cloud Hosted VoIP Systems for Businesses


We believe in more secure and efficient solutions when it comes to managing your business. With a secure VoIP in place, your team will be able to do anything that they would normally do in an office environment. Features like call forwarding or transfers, automatic call routing,3-way calling are only some of the many parts of a VoIP system. Regardless of where you are, you will be able to take all your important calls.

Setup times are small and the process is quick

Because everything is hosted on the cloud, you will be glad to find out that you won’t need to buy or maintain any boxes on your premises. All you need is just a phone and a router and you can get started right away. 


A Reliable Business Phone System that you can Trust

At brokenStones, we ensure that you get what you pay for: top-quality is the focus of our products, along with reliability and ease of use. We understand that you need both flexibility and a system that allows you to work smarter, which is why we have developed a secure Phone System for businesses.


Collaboration Made Easy

Whether it’s a catch-up call with your team member or a conference with several members across the UK, our system will ensure your calls will be carried out in a professional manner. High-quality videos and no waiting times will ensure that everyone will be ready to participate. 

Office App Integration to Keep up the Efficiency levels

Integration with your cloud-based office apps will ensure that you create a seamless process for your business. This allows you to integrate several departments across your business into a single location and maintain the desired productivity levels. 

Stay in touch with your customers wherever you are

Everyone has different needs. If you need to arrange a consultation, a troubleshooting session or help a customer with any of their purchase inquiries, our system gives you the platform that allows you to talk to your customers as if they were in the same room as you. Have clear and real-life interactions with your customers, regardless of how far you are. 

Why choose our VoIP Phone Systems?

Start new offices right away

Take the office with you wherever you are

Lower the costs of communication

Seamless integration with all of your business applications

Superior Phone Systems

Connect teams and offices regardless of their locations

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