Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Services

The cost of only a few hours downtime can be devastating

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In today’s world, downtime is no longer acceptable.

When your business is not operational, your customers can’t buy from you, communicate with you, or access information they need to make commercial decisions. The lost revenue mounts up quickly, as does the feeling of panic, loss of control, and your reputation can quickly take a major hit.

Businesses can be affected by any threat that will have a great negative impact on the way they operate. This threat can take many forms, from viruses, ransomware and cyber attacks, to user error, malicious employees and natural disasters. This is why businesses need to remain prepared in times of crisis and ensure that the productivity levels are maintained, employees could communicate easily with each other to ensure connectivity. Providing secure access to applications across endpoint means that your business is ready to strive regardless of any negative implications.

With years of experience, the team at BrokenStones has successfully helped hundreds of businesses with their data recovery plans. Regardless of the industry or size of your business, we can ensure your business continuity by implementing the right backup processes.

Secure Your Data & Recover It Rapidly

Traditionally businesses have relied on simply backing up their data to tapes, removable hard drives, NAS devices and more recently simple cloud-based storage space.

However, these solutions do not provide any assurance that the data will be available when needed, that the data itself will not have been compromised or even be up to date.

Fortunately, there are Next Generation Solutions available that means your business has guaranteed backups carried out multiple times a day, that are stored in multiple locations both on-premise and cloud. At BrokenStones, we are able to provide our clients with the best of these. Our mission is to make life easy for our clients and one of the best ways to do this is to keep your whole IT System safe, not just your data!

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our disaster recovery services have been developed by our expert team to help you implement the right procedures tailored after your own business requirements. We understand that everyone has different monetary and time expectations and this is why we take the time to deliver the right solution for you. Some of the data recovery solutions we have include:


Proactive ransomware detection 

In light of the current COVID19 outbreak, ransomware attacks have risen considerably. Ransomware strains are constantly modified to avoid detection by antivirus software. Early identification can mitigate the impact of the attack. Our solution means you will not be restoring compromised data as you will be notified if backups contain signs of ransomware.

Advanced backup verification

This ensures that there is continual testing of your files, volume, key services, and of course indication of the presence of ransomware. You also have the feature of getting detailed alerting and reporting.

Instant Virtualization 

If you have an “attack” or disaster, the backup solution takes a “clean” snapshot of your IT System which the business can access in the cloud, and continue to operate as normal while your systems are restored, thus reducing downtime to minutes.

Inverse Chain 

Traditional chain back up means the backups are interdependent of one another, so if one backup in the chain was to become corrupted, latter backups would too. With our solution, there is no sequential chain/snapshot dependency and each backup is independent of one another.

Ensure your Business Continuity 

Choosing BrokenStones as your Data Recovery and Business Continuity Services providers will ensure that all of the burden of managing it yourself will be lifted off your shoulders. While we take care of all the technical parts, you can truly focus on growing your business.


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