How to backup DropBox

I recently sent out an e-mail about how great DropBox is for sharing files with others, off the back of that I’ve had a few people ask how you backup your files that are stored in DropBox? (If you missed it, Read a copy here

Which on the one hand is a great question, cause it shows they are conscious of the need to back up their data (Something so many people overlook till it’s too late), but on the other hand they are missing the point of dropbox a little bit…

I’m also aware there are some people out there that think that Drop Box IS a backup solution.

It’s Not.

Anything that lets you edit or change it’s content when it’s in it’s supposed ‘backed up’ state, is not a proper backup solution.

proper backup solution takes a copy of your data at a moment in time and doesn’t allow that to be changed, the only thing you should be able to do with that backup is to restore it to either it’s original location or an alternative one. This is to be able to preserve the integrity of the data, to be able to prove at a specific moment in time this is what my data looked like (there are many reasons why that’s important, but I’d probably put myself to sleep, let alone you if I discussed them right now!)

So in answer to the original question, how do you backup your files in drop box?

Well, how do you back up the rest of your files? DropBox should be a COPY of your files, not the only or original version, if a file is important enough to be backed up, then put it in your normal file structure and make it part of your normal backup procedures…

You do have a ‘normal’ backup procedure don’t you?

Top Tip

Dropbox is a great way of Sharing files amongst your colleagues and associates when you’re not all under one roof. But it’s not a Backup Solution. Put a ‘Copy’ of the files you want to share in Dropbox, not the original, make sure that’s in your usual file management system and backed up in the normal way.

(Bonus Top Tip – If you’ve not got a decent backup system right now, make it a top priority for today!)
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