Flood alert – Backups can save your Business


Flooding – Are our computer systems protected?

With all the recent flooding going on, it seems like quite an opportune time to talk about how your computer systems are protected, there is a whole piece I could do on Disaster Recovery, but I’ll save that for another time, I just want to get the key message out there today. 





 I’ve got 3 key steps you should go away and check RIGHT NOW!! they could just save your business…

1. Check when you last Successful backup was – (You are taking backups aren’t you?)

2. Check ‘What’ is backed up – (Yes there are people that see fit to back up their music, but forget about their accounts!)

3. Check you can restore from your backup (seems obvious but very, very few people do it)


Just in case you missed those:

  • Check when you last took a successful backup
  • Check exactly ‘what’ you are backing up
  • Finally, most important of all – check you can restore from your backup…


Please, take note of these points, absorb them, and pass them on – if you need help with your backups we can help you – 01543  241210