What are the steps to properly set up a Firewall?

Setting up a Firewall is a pretty complex job, but here’s a simple guide to doing it properly:

1. Username/password

Modify the default password for your firewall device

2. Remote administration

Disable the remote administration feature on the device

3. Port forwarding

Configure appropriate port forwarding for certain applications to work properly, such as a web server or FTP server

4. DHCP server

If you have an existing DHCP server, it will need to be disabled prior to setup. Installing a firewall on a network with an existing DHCP server will cause conflict unless the firewall’s DHCP is disabled

5. Logging

To troubleshoot firewall issues or potential attacks, ensure that logging is enabled and that you understand how to view logs

BONUS: Policies

You should have solid security policies in place and make sure that the firewall is configured to enforce those policies.