How can you prevent online identity theft?

None of us want to even think about the possibility of our idenity being stolen using information we have shared online. But in today’s digital age, it can be easier than ever for cybercriminals to take advantage.

So, here’s what you can do to prevent identity theft:

    • Ensure you always use a strong and unique password (even when it seems like an unnecessary hassle)
    • Avoid sharing confidential information online, especially on social media
    • Shop from known and trusted websites – you can identify if a website is trustworthy by whether or not it uses an SSL certificate (we have another post on what exactly that is, here)
    • Use the latest version of the browsers – outdated versions of browsers have far more vulnerabilities that can be exploited. These vulnerabilities are what are patched during browser updates.
    • Install advanced malware and spyware tools
    • Always update your computer system – we know it’s easier to just ignore notification updates but trust us, it’s best that you don’t!