How to Backup your iPhone

How to Backup your iPhone

Imagine if your entire phone got wiped today… have you got everything on there backed up? How quickly could you get back up an running again?

Cause if you’ve got an iPhone, and you’ve got iCloud backup set-up, it’s minutes… even if you loose your phone, you can restore everything back to a new phone in minutes… I’m sure it’s just as easy on an Android or Windows phone..

OK, so if you’ve got your email set-up properly (I.E. Office 365 or MS Exchange ) then getting your Mail, Contacts and Calendar back is pretty easy, but what about all your settings, and all your apps, any notes you’ve made… re-downloading all your music and any photos you’ve taken?

I’ve got photos of Donald going back to when he was a puppy on my phone (yes and of course both my daughters too). The rest of the stuff on my phone I can either do without or get back with some effort, but I’d be pretty upset if I lost those precious photos.

Here’s how we setup Backup on your iPhone

Go in to Settings and Choose ‘iCloud’

Tap Settings on the Home Screen, then Tap iCloud

In the iCloud Menu scroll down to the bottom and choose ‘Storage and Backup’

Now you’re in the iCloud Menu, tap Storage and Backup to get to the backup options

The next screen tells you how much space you are using, and how much you have available, you then just need to make sure that ‘iCloud Backup’ is ON.

To enable iPhone Backup to iCloud just set iCloud Backup to On

Also just below the Back Up Now button it tells you when you last backed up… it’s a simple as that… now whenever your phone has WiFi and is plugged in it will automatically back itself up.

Side Note: Recently I ran out of space on my ‘iCloud’ I spent 2 or 3 weeks going through trying to delete stuff I didn’t want / need… then I realised I was being pretty stupid! It was £28 to add an extra 20GB to my existing free 5GB, how much time had I already wasted? £28 for the year was nothing, it took less than a minute to set-up, and now I’ve got more space than I can use, and I’ve got peace of mind again…

Top Tip
Make sure you’ve got backup enabled on your phone right now, it’s easy and it’s free, and it all happens without you having to do anything! (You can also do the same thing on your iPad too!).

I’ve not used a Samsung phone, but I’m sure it’ll be just as simple (and I’m sure someone will email with how to set it up on there too).

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to call – 01543 241 210

P.S. To the lady that inspired this e-mail, and who really should know better, I hope you’re phone is backed up NOW! – Did you already have backup setup? Let me know on our FaceBook Page