Do you Own your Own Domain Name?

I routinely come across businesses which don’t own their own domains, they might think they do and the company they registered it through might tell them it is, but have you actually checked?

Why is it important I own my domain name?

It never really becomes an issue until you fall out with someone. I have known plenty of people who’s domain names have been in the name of their web developer, or one of the directors of the business, it’s all been fine for years, but then for one reason or another there is a falling out, someone decides to get vindictive, and they cause trouble… sure when it comes down to it, and you go to court you might be able to prove it should actually be yours, or the companies, but do you really want all that hassle and cost when it takes less than a minute to check, and only a few minutes to change it, if its wrong?

I’ve also heard of it cause complications when you come to sell your business, and let’s face it your website and on-line presence is only becoming more important… it’s such an easy thing to do, and so often over looked…

So how do I check if I own it myself?.

It’s really simple to check, pop over to our own WhoIs Tool – Enter your domain in the box at the top, then type in the annoying code (sorry, but the number of people I had abusing this I had to put the capture code in!), then hit ‘Submit’s.

broken stones whois lookup tool

If you’ve typed your domain name in correctly (yes, I did type mine wrong first time! and it took me a moment to realise – ever get the feeling it’s going to be one of them days?), you should then see some results showing you all the public information about your domain name, you want to look for where it says ‘Registrant’ – that’s you!s.

registrant - broken Stones limited

If it’s not got your name, or your company name, it means it’s not technically yours! You really should get it updated.

So why is the domain not registered correctly to start with?

From experience I know that some people simply don’t realise when they register the domain they should enter it in the owners name as opposed to theirs, but then there are probably also companies out there who purposely register it in their own name to try to keep some sort of control over their client..

How do I change it to my name?

To change a the ‘registrant’ of a .uk domain currently costs £10+VAT see details on Nominet for more details.

For most of the common domain extensions (like .com, .net, .org) it’s normally free to update your details, you just need to contact whoever looks after your domain for you.

Top Tip


Go and check that you own all your domains names now. It’s quick and it’s simple –

As Always, any questions or queries you can call me and my team on 01543 241 210