What is MFA?

MFA (sometimes referred to as Two Factor Authentication or 2FA) protects your entry point to something. Like your login to your email, your online banking, or even the login on your encrypted laptop!

It makes it more difficult for hackers to access your accounts even if they know your password.

It works by requiring multiple things in order to log in. Usually at least two of the following three – “Something you know” (i.e. a password), “something you are” (i.e. a fingerprint), “something you have” (i.e. a Onetime Pin generated by a keyring device or an app on your phone).

You should use MFA wherever possible. Especially on online systems that hold important data and your email, it’s one of the most common things hackers try to access now. Lots of online services now let you enable MFA for free (including Office 365 & G-Mail).