How to set a Personalised Background in  MS Teams

Want something other than the Standard Backgrounds in MS Teams? This is how!

WARNING: This is an UNSUPPORT method of setting a personalised background. Do so at your own Risk. If you feel uncomfortable with this I’m expecting Microsoft to release the ability to upload your own backgrounds in a more user friendly and support way soon.

How to set a Personalised Background in MS Teams

As I said above, this is NOT a support method by Microsoft so use this at your own risk…

This is how I’ve created my own Custom backgrounds within MS Teams, just like you can see in the video above…


Create your Background

First up you need to create your background, it needs to be a PNG file and ideally 1920×1080 pixels in size. Aim for a file size of between 1-2 MB, although I have created a few which have been more like 3-4MB and they’ve worked fine too.


Save your Background to the MS Teams Backgrounds Folder

Once you’ve got your Background created you need to save it to the MS TEams backgrounds folder. This is located in:


– if you’re using Windows 10 this will usually rediret you to:


– The fact there is an uploads folder here makes me fairly confident we’re going to see an update soon from Microsoft allowing us to upload our own backgrounds via the Teams Interface rather than manually like this…


Select your New Background!

When you’re in a Video Meeting, Go to Background Effects

Now scroll to the bottom of the list of Backgrounds and you should see your new background 🙂

, otherWhat Image Size does my customer Teams Background need to be?

I’ve had a look at the existing Microsfoft backgrounds and they are all 1920×1080 pixels, so that’s exactly the size I’ve created my Background. I’ve not tested other sizes, I’ve been able to edit the images I want to use and make sure they match Microsofts chosen size.

What file format should I use for my MS Teams custom meeting background?

All the existing Microsoft ones are PNG. I tried a JPG but that didn’t work, so my guess is PNG is the only format currently supported. Most decent Image editors should let you export your custom background image to a PNG file.


What file size should my personalised MS Teams background be?

Based on the existing Microsoft backgrounds they are all around 1-2MB so I’ve tried to keep mine the same. Having said that one of my backgrounds was 3.5MB in size and that still worked absolutely fine.


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