Voice Message

screenshot WhatsApp voice message

Here’s a new one that has been doing the rounds lately, I’ve seen loads of these caught in our spam and virus filters.

As popularity has grown and more people have been using WhatsApp then it’s been a good target for the scammers…

It’s a really simple one, you’ll get an email that looks very much like this..

scam voice message in email

The short answer is, if you don’t use WhatsApp don’t even think of clicking the play button (Why would they send you messages when you don’t use it?) and if you do use WhatsApp, get your messages through the App itself, not your email!

The almost as short answer is, check out the ‘From Address’ – it’s a Russian domain, kopetan.ru, then check out the link when you Hover (don’t click!) over the play button…  both look decidedly dodgy

Top Tip

I’ve said this many times before, but …

If you are the tiniest bit unsure about and email ALWAYS, ALWAYS, hover over any link’s before clicking them!! – I have seen it numerous times where a single click on the wrong website has destroyed someone’s computer…

Remember, As Thomas Jefferson said “The Price of Freedom is eternal vigilance”

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