The suspicious case of the Amazon Order – a story of co-incidence

If you’d just placed an order on Amazon and then you got the email below through a few hours later, what would you think?

Example of Mysterious Amazon E-Mail

It’s a good idea to treat any email asking you to “confirm your account details” with suspicion

What do you think? Would you be tempted to click the link?

What made this even more tempting was the recipient of this e-mail had just placed on order via their iPad for the first time…

Luckily they had the good sense to send it over to us before doing anything with it and we were able to advise them it’s a scam.

There are a few ways to tell (Firstly I’m not aware of Amazon sending this type of thing out anyway!) but usually the most obvious and easiest is to hover over the link (DON’T CLICK!) and see what it actually shows…

Example of Hovering over a link in an email

Always hover over links in E-Mails BEFORE you click them

Can you see it’s not actually got anything to do with Amazon! (
It may have just been a coincidence and good timing (There are a lot of these emails being sent out!) but it’s still worth changing your password and running a virus and malware scan on your computer just in case…

Top Tip:
Treat any email asking you to ‘Login to confirm your account details” with suspicion, most major players will never send you an email asking you to login to confirm details. Always hover over the link before clicking to check it out, better still rather than click the email link, open up Google and search for the site instead… I always do this with my banking. Always.

As Thomas Jefferson said “The Price of Freedom is eternal vigilance”

If you are at all unsure please call and get some advice – 01543 241 210