There are some programs I use on my computer almost every day, Back in Top Tip #11 I told you about the most useful program on my computer, the one I use every single day (If you missed it, drop me a note on our Facebook page and I’ll send it to you). 



Well this one comes a close second, in fact I’ve used it three times just to write this email to you.


Now if you’ve not used this in quite a while, you are going to think I’m crazy when you find out what it is, I too was quite surprised when I re-discovered it a few years ago, it’s amazing how a makeover and a few simple tweaks have transformed this tool.




red writing on paint using a mouse



Yes, it’s Good old MS Paint!! 



Why do I use it so much?


For grabbing screen shots or making quick amendments to stuff, for instance if I’m writing a proposal for someone and I need to include a reference to some web content, what better way than to take a quick screen shot of it?


Or how about if you want to send on some e-mail testimonial’s you’ve had, sue you could just copy the text, but it has a bit more impact if you take a screen shot of the actual e-mail (You can then use the shapes tool to block out the email address of mobile number of the original sender)


How to Crop

So one of the things I need to do most is ‘crop’ a screenshot, that’s chopping out everything I don’t want in the image, here’s how…




old  brokenStones website


Make sure the ‘Select’ Button it highlighted (Next to Crop), then drag your cursor around the area you want to KEEP. You’ll notice a blue dotted line appear, that shows you the area you’ve selected… Now Hit the Crop Button (Circled in the image above), and you’ll notice all but your selected area magically disappear! 





Top Tip


Here’s a step by step guide to taking a screenshot and e-mailing it to someone, try it now… 




  1. Press ALT + Print Screen (Takes a screenshot of your current window)
  2. a windows keyboardshowing where the windows and 'R' are placedPress WINDOWS + R (Pop up the run command box) 
  3. Type ‘mspaint’ and press enter
  4. Press CTRL + V (Pastes the screenshot you’ve just taken)
  5. Now Crop it as you want and hit Save.



If you want to capture the whole screen, rather than just the current window just press PRINT SCREEN, and if you are lucky enough to have two monitors press WINDOWS + PRINT SCREEN to capture your entire desktop!