What Have you Been Buying with PayPal?


What have you been buying with Paypal?

I’ve had a number of people email me over the last couple of weeks with this one, it’s proving quite popular at the moment,

Don’t remember buying this with PayPal? There’s probably a very good reason why…

These are designed to scare you in to thinking someone has just hacked your eBay or PayPal account and bought something, when in actual fact they are hoping to panic you in to clicking the link, Remember you can hover over the link (Don’t Click!) to see where it will take you, see what happens when I hover over the ‘www.paypal.com/help’ link here:

REMEMBER: Always hover over email links – DON’T CLICK – and check out where they are actually pointing too

It’s actually got nothing to with PayPal has it? This will end up taking you to a site that ‘looks’ like PayPal in the hope that you will panic and put in your login details. They will then use these to actually login and use your account! Make Sense?

There are hundreds of thousands of these e-mails going out everyday, it costs them very, very little to do, and they only need a minuscule amount of people to click and take action to make it worth their while. Don’t be one of their victims!

If you think you may have recently fallen for one of these, the first thing you should do is change your password (Remember what I said about searching for the REAL site on Google rather than using an email link!), and if you’re still worried give us a call.

Top Tip:
As I said a few weeks ago, if you are at all unsure, the best thing to do is to go to Google and ‘search’ for PayPal, login this way and check your account. Never click the links in emails like this, or any email you are remotely unsure about.

Remember, as Thomas Jefferson said “The Price of Freedom is eternal vigilance”

If you are at all unsure please call and get some advice – 01543 241 210