Not another Windows 7 Replacement Article

What the TravelEx story can teach us about impending Windows 7 doom…

By now I’m pretty sure that you’ll have had enough of people telling you why you need to replace all the windows 7 machines in your business.

And if you take cybersecurity seriously, then you will have already done that.

That’s good, this article is for you.

It isn’t about why you need to replace all your windows 7 machines, but it does explain why Windows 7 is still a significant risk to you and your business…

Let’s think for a moment about the recent Travelex issues.

Whilst it ground their business to a halt, forced their staff to resort to using pen and paper just to do business, what about those companies that relied on Travelex?

People like Sainsbury’s Bank, Virgin Money, First Direct?

Those companies were also unable to trade foreign currency online because they relied on TravelEx. For me the real lesson for many of us with TravelEx was not how we need to better protect our own systems (We know that by now), but it’s the damage that can be done to our business if one of our key suppliers or customers get’s hit. How do we protect against that?

Have you stopped to consider what impact it would have on your business if one of your key suppliers were unable to operate because of a Cyberattack?

Have you checked with your suppliers to see whether they’ve taken appropriate steps to upgrade all the Windows 7 machines in their business?

What effect will it have on your business if one of your Key Customers had a Windows 7 attack? If they were no able to operate their business, and therefore no longer able to buy your services?

Have you been educating your customers on the need to replace their Windows 7 machines? Have you been explaining to them what you’ve done about it yourself, explaining how you’re looking after their interests too and giving them more trust in you?

 Good. Cyber Security is not just about yourself.

It’s about looking at what those that you depend on are doing as well.

So whilst you’re sat there, thinking, I’m okay about Windows 7 and blanking out all of the noise about it, it’s worth taking a moment and checking with your key suppliers and your key clients. Have they also done the right thing when it comes to Windows 7?