inside of a hard drive






You know, I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been to see a new customer and they’ve told me that their computers are sh*t, or that they’ve told me how much they break down and how slow they are and how many problems that they give them.





But then, as soon as we start talking about the hardware that they should have, and what they need to invest in, they come back and tell me that they can buy a computer for half that price down at [Insert Local National Computer Retailer Here] –








No wonder it’s sh*t if you’re paying peanuts for it!






Decent, reliable hardware costs a bit more money. Quite frankly, you do pay for what you get in the IT world. We supply high quality business-grade hardware that it suitable for use in your business, does your IT Supplier? If not then ask them… or change… it’s hurting your business!



We only supply businesses in Lichfield and the surrounding Staffordshire and West Midlands areas, but even so feel free to drop me a note below and I’ll happily give you a bit of advice…



Yes, in the short-term decent hardware costs a bit more, but in the long-term it saves you a lot of time and ultimately a lot of lost revenue.