Is your website Broken?



Is your website broken?


I’ve seen this a few times now, when the webpage loads it’s either completely blank, or only half loaded, and it doesn’t work properly.

The first instinct is to blame the owner of the website, they’ve not been looking after it properly.

But it’s not always their fault… this actually happened to me last week, I e-mail someone to helpfully point out there was a problem with their site, but there wasn’t… it was all to do with me and my computer… oops.

You see websites are getting more and more complicated, not to use or look at (that’s getting better thankfully), but in the way they are constructed, and the code they use behind the scenes. Sometimes different websites can conflict with each other, or if one site has been made particularly badly, it can affect other sites (This is what happened to me, another, large worldwide company’s site I was on was causing another site to run extremely slowly – like 3 seconds to load a single page…).

If you’re finding trouble using a particular site there are a couple of things you can check quickly before blaming anyone else…

Either start up a different web browser (i.e. if you’re using Chrome, try Internet Explorer or Firefox) or most browsers now had a handy little feature called ‘In Private Browsing’.

It effectively creates a new web browser that doesn’t share any of the resources from other pages you’ve got open… it also doesn’t save any of your info or the history of what you’ve looked at (Handy if you are shopping for Birthday Presents!)


In Chrome, Click the Settings Button (the 3 lines) in the top right corner, then Click ‘New Incognito Window,


How to Start an New In Private Browsing Window in Chrome


In Internet Explorer, Click the Cog in the top right corner, then Safety and InPrivate Browsing…


How to Start an New In Private Browsing Window in Internet Explorer

In Firefox Click the Orange Firefox menu the top LEFT, then Click Start Private Browsing…


How to Start an New In Private Browsing Window in Firefox


When you’ve done that you’ll either see a new window appear (as in chrome & IE) or the window will change (FireFox) and you should see an indication you are in Private Browsing Mode…

In Chrome you get a little ‘Spy’ like Man appear in the top left, in IE you  get a ‘InPrivate’ icon at the start of the address bar and in FireFox the logo turns Purple…


How Do I know I'm in Private Browsing Mode



Top Tip
If you’re struggling with a website not working properly… first try the InPrivate Browsing mode or another web browser to check it’s not you!

Also don’t forget one of the main purposes of InPrivate browsing is to keep what your looking at secret from other users of your computer… Perhaps someone should have mentioned that to my wife before she ordered my new tennis bag for my birthday… (of course it didn’t help she left it on the front seat of her car for 2 days either!


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