Getting Conned Again

Fake tax refund email

I guess it must be the lure of free money, as It’s not the first time that I’ve written about this, and I’m sure it wont be the last. It keeps on happening, and people keep on falling for it!

HMRC scam email

Ignore the whole ***SPAM*** bit, that’s just cause my email filtering picked it up (I dug it out of my spam archive just to show you…)

Simply it ‘looks’ like an e-mail from HMRC telling you you’ve got a Tax Refund. You just need you to fill in the attached form for them to process it.

But it’s not, as someone I came across recently found out, once you open up the attachment (TIP: NEVER open up HTML attachments unless you are 117% sure they are legit, even if sent from someone you know… one of the easiest ways to get a virus).

The virus they got was particularly nasty, we ended up having to rebuild their machine for them as our conventional cleaning methods just wouldn’t clean it up properly…

Maybe an accountant out there will tell me different, but I’ve never known HMRC to send an email about a refund, they always sent in the post (and usually asking for money, not giving it back!)

(On a side note, this email was a Blatant spam e-mail, aside from the look of it, there were several ‘behind the scenes’ tell tale signs that EVERY E-Mail filtering system should have picked up, if you got one of these and your e-mail filtering didn’t pick it up, you need to get some better email filtering, because you are almost certainly at high risk of getting a virus… drop me a note if you want some help)

Top Tip

  • Always be suspicious of e-mails asking you to open up HTML attachments, they are a really easy way to send viruses. 
  • If you are receiving a lot of these types of e-mails you really should talk to your IT people about your Anti-Spam, cause it should be blocking e-mails like this.

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