E-mail Should just work!

There are not many businesses today that don’t use email. E-Mail is the life blood of most small businesses. Thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds worth of business is conducted over email every single day.

So when it stops working – That’s a problem.

In my professional opinion, Microsoft Exchange is the best option out there for Small Business. There really is no excuse not to. If you’ve got your own server, the chances are you ‘ll already have Microsoft Exchange on it (It’s included with Microsoft Small Business Server), If you don’t or you’re a sole trader there are plenty of hosted exchange providers out there today. Our own services start from £65 per year. And let’s be honest, considering how important email is, that’s not a lot!

I really don’t mind whether you use our e-mail systems or not. But I do care that you’ve got secure, reliable e-mail systems in place, it can really hurt your business when you don’t!