Are you Going to Fix it or Just Ignore it?

red scam warning box for threats

You are happily working away on your computer and then up pops a big warning box to say you’ve got a Virus… what do you do? Click the ‘Fix Now’ button, or ignore it?

red scam virus warning box

If you don’t know exactly what you are clicking, you could do more harm than good. In this case, clicking either could be fatal! – Call for Help – 01543 241 210

Wrong answer, you really should pick up the phone and call your IT support provider!

SCAM WARNING: This e-mail contains details of a Virus scam experienced by one of our clients recently. Fortunately they had the good sense to call us, rather than make any attempt to solve the issue on their own.

Please take heed and don’t fall victim to this type of scam, as I know people have in the past.

AntiVirus Security Pro – if you see a screen like this pop up on your computer, then you’ve got this virus.

scam anti virus protection shown  computer

Don’t get duped by some dodgy Antivirus Scam, if you’re not 100% certain about something, call your Local I.T. Expert! – 01543 241 210

This particular virus is an extortion type virus, it’s main aim is to get you to hand your credit card details over.

It presents itself as some virus protection software, telling you that you’ve got 100 or so viruses, and to clean them up you need to upgrade to the ‘Full Edition’ for about $30.

Of course it’s a scam, it’s all to get your card details.

(If you have already seen this or similar, and put your card details in, call your bank and stop your card now!)

It then proceeds to interfere with almost everything on your computer, every time you try to open any document or program it will pop up and pester you stopping you from doing anything, and generally causing a nuisance.

scam warning box

We also found that it had hidden all of ‘My Documents’ and then tried to trick you into running another program to further infect your computer.

This seems to be a particularly persistent virus, in the course of cleaning it up, it infected two of our memory sticks (we keep a handful of clean USB sticks, just for jobs like this!)

Top Tip

If you have a piece of software that pops up on your computer and you are not 100% sure about what it is, then call your Local IT Expert about it. (You can call us on 01543 241 234).

Also, a great tool to run if you are unsure about something on your computer is Malwarebytes – – if it doesn’t run for any reason, you really should call an expert!

NOTE: Some of you may be wondering why this virus wasn’t stopped by their existing Anti-Virus Software, well the truth is that no anti-virus software is 100% effective, some things do get through, no matter what anti-virus software you use.

Remember, as Thomas Jefferson said “The price of freedom is eternal Vigilance”