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Our IT support packages are what we are best known for. Me, and all my staff love what we do. We love helping you. When something has gone wrong with your computer we know it is a stressful time for you. It usually goes wrong at the most inappropriate moment and there is a lot of satisfaction that we get from helping you fix that problem. There’s a whole host of ways we do this, from helping you with simple little niggles that hamper your everyday life all the way up to rolling out a brand new I.T. infrastructure across multiple offices and hundreds of staff.

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  • Supprt Calls Responded to within SLA Last Month 95%
  • Support Calls resolved within SLA last Month 85%
  • Average Customer Satisfaction Score Last month 90%

IT Support Packages for Offices

brokenStones I.T. Helpdesk

If you’ve got 5+ Employees this is the Support package you should be looking at…

The brokenStones Helpdesk Package provides access for you and your staff to our I.T. helpdesk, each desktop, laptop and server within your company runs our managed services, industry leading Pro-Active Monitoring, Managed Updates and keeping it protected from Viruses & E-Mail Spam…

All your computers are centrally managed and kept in tip-top condition…

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IT Support Packages for Sole Traders

My Business I.T. Club

Designed specifically for Owner Managed Businesses with either just you in the business, or with one or two others… I.T. Support that helps you to grow and manage your business.

When you are busy running and growing your business you don’t want to have to worry about things that can and do go wrong with your computer!

As well as expert I.T. support every I.T. club member gets access to a wealth of information including our weekly ‘Top I.T. Tips’ emails and Video “How do I do that” tutorials…

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Ad-Hoc IT Support Services

Computer MOT

A comprehensive 27 Point Checklist, ensuring your computer is in top notch condition.

Drop off & Diagnose

For when something not quite right, but your not sure exactly how to explain the problem…

Network Health Check

An onsite visit with comprehensive report on what’s right and what’s wrong with your I.T. infrastructure

Ad-Hoc Remote Support

On Tap, Professional IT Support without having to leave you desk. Charged by the 15 minutes.