The Technical Gubbins

PLEASE NOTE: As you will be aware, things change constantly in the world of the web, if you have some very specific requirements it’s best to check with us first, the following serves as a guideline only and may not be 100% accurate

All our hosting platforms run on Linux based servers with PHP5, mySQL 5, apache

At last check our servers were running PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 and MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 depending on the server.

What you can expect

Standard Features

  • html, php, cgi, ssl (https)
  • 500MB-5GB Web space
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
  • 100mbit+ Link to internet
  • Graphical Real time Statistics
  • Secure File Access

Optional Extras

  • SSL Certificate
  • Increased Web Space
  • Extra MySQL Databases
  • DNS Registration & Maintenance
  • Fully Managed Updates

Language Support

Out of the box support is provided for standard web languages such as ‘HTML’, ‘PHP’, ‘CGI’ & ‘XML’. More are available on request, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The majority of websites these days use one or a combination of HTML, PHP & CGI and we provide support for these by default, however we also have knowledge and understanding of other technologies such as JSP and would be happy to discuss requirements for this or other technologies.


A lot of businesses now provide some form of secure customer area, whether this be in the form of private content or a shopping cart. Where ever personal data is supplied it is advisable to use SSL to provide reassurance to the user the information they are providng is secure. We support the use of HTTPS/SSL and can advise on and arrange an appropriate SSL certificate for this purpose.

Where a website allows users to upload files it is advisable to scan this content for viruses. If you allow file uploads and have concerns for the file integrity please talk to us about this service.

Data & Bandwidth

All websites are different and have different space and bandwidth requirements. Providing 500MB-5GB covers ‘the majority’ and will serve most requirements, however this is only a reference point and we ensure we have plenty of capacity should your needs exceed this baseline.

Our servers currently each have atleast a 100mbit Link to ‘The Internet’ and in most cases considerably more. All customer websites have the full capacity of this link available to them. We are confident that this is more than enough for our own and our customers requirements. However this link is closely monitored and we have ensured that our suppliers have plenty of capacity and can provide that quickly should the need arise.

Management Facilities

Most of our servers now run cPanel to make it easy for you to manage your hosting account.

We provide a number of tools to make it easier and more secure for our customers to update their website. Depending on the server you are on you may have either FTP or SCP (Secure File Copy) access, or both.

A comprehensive real time graphical analysis of website usage is provided to enable you to view at a glance various aspects of how your website is performing. You are able to view monthly, weekly, daily and hourly breakdown of statistics. You are able to see who is visiting your site, where they visited it from, what visitors are looking at and how long they stayed for. You can view what search terms have been used to find your site and use this to improve your search rating.


Many websites use some form of database to store and organise content. MySQL is our standard database but we are happy to accommodate other common and not so common database technologies.

DNS Registration & Maintenance

Every website needs a domain name to help build it’s identity, if you don’t already have one we can advise and arrange that for you. If you do already have your own domain but need help to maintain it we can also help out there too.

Fully Managed Updates

Although we provide an easy to use set of tools for uploading changes to your website, if you would rather have complete piece of mind we can manage the whole update process for you. We can install any changes on to your test site, produce a list of changes, then along with you and the web designers check everything is as it should be. Finally we can push your test site to your live site and make sure things still function as expected, rolling back to your previous version if necessary.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

For customers who have extremely busy websites that are bandwidth and resource intensive we would recommend our dedicated servers service. BrokenStones would look after the hardware & software and provide the same easy to use tools as with the standard hosting service. The difference here is you have a dedicated server or a cluster of servers just for your websites. From a single server to a cluster of servers with full redundancy and load balancing we can advise and manage.

User Customized

Finally if your needs are not covered by the features listed above please contact us with your queries or requirements, whether you use a proprietary content engine or a bespoke database system we will be happy to discuss how we can fit your requirements.