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Changing a server is not something you want to be doing too regularly. It often means ‘downtime’ and your staff not able to work to the best of their abilities, especially in small businesses. So it’s vitally important whether you are purchasing your first server, or upgrading some existing ones that you get what’s right for you, both right now, and to support you to grow your business.

Do you get RAID 1 or RAID 5? Do you have redundant power suppliers? how much RAM should you have, How much disk space do you need. What’s the difference between ┬áSATA and SAS? Should you choose Windows Server Standard, Enterprise, Foundation, Essential??? ARG!!!


You don’t have to worry about all of these choices, just talk to us about what you need to do right now, and what your plans for the future are and we will put together what’s right for you.

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NAS Drives

With more and more applications moving in to ‘The Cloud’ the reliance a business has on it’s internal servers, and what’s being asked of the internal business servers is decreasing, yet often there is still a need for a large amount of data storage that is just not cost effective to put in the cloud (or perhaps your not lucky enough to have a nice fast internet connection to make it feasible to store your files in the cloud.

We are finding more and more businesses opting for a NAS drive – Network Attached Storage, they are more cost effective to install and maintain than Servers yet often give better performance and features. It’s even easy to set-up a remote NAS drive and have real time remote backups taking place protecting all your data.

Ask use about the suitability of a NAS drive for your business today.

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