Network Infrastructure

It’s easy to get a basic network up and running, buy yourself a cheap switch and plug in a few cables. The trouble is unless you’ve been lucky, you’ve left yourself open to a whole host of issues.

We can help you with

  • Getting your internal network set-up correctly and securely
  • Protecting your business from internet based attacks
  • Getting a decent internet connection & speeding up your existing connection
  • Accessing your office from home, or on the road
  • Connecting Multiple Offices, and sharing data between them all seamlessly

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Make sure your existing network infrastructure is kept in tip-top condition, read out our network management services

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Serviced Offices

If you work in a serviced office, and use the landlord provided network connect, just try searching ‘Network’ and see how many other computers you can see… We regularly come in to contact with people who are exposing all their confidential files to everyone else in the building, without knowing it…

Wifi Not working Properly?

Checking some basics on your wireless network is all part of our Network Health Check…

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