I.T. Hardware fit for Business

How do you decide what computer hardware to buy for your business? There is so much choice out there, what’s the difference and what’s right for you?

Do you simply go for the cheapest option you can find? Or do you go for the one with the highest numbers on the spec sheet?

When you come to brokenStones for your computer systems you get hardware that is ‘Fit for Business’. All the hardware we supply, whether it’s desktop computers, laptops, servers, Network Storage Drives, Network Switches, Routers, Firewalls, <gasp> Monitors, Printers, Mouses, Presenters…. I could go on… has been selected by us because it’s suitable for the rigours of business. All of it comes with a minimum 3 year manufacturer backed warranty and we use most of the kit ourselves in our own business.

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Network Infrastructure

We are Cisco Select partners and have Cisco Certified Engineers. We know our stuff when it comes to small business networking.

We supply both Cisco Hardware and Draytek Routers and Firewalls, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

All the bits & bobs...

Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Web Cam, Speakers, Touch Pad, Microphone, Head Sets, External Hard Drives, USB Sticks

… Did I miss anything?

Desktops & Laptops

Any machine you buy from us goes through a comprehensive preparation process. When a new machine arrives, we make sure the only software on there is what you actually need. We make sure all the software and drivers are up to date. We do all this to make sure you get the best out of your new machine.

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Sara MoseleyHighly recommended. The team are fabulous and their service is first class. I needed an additional PC for our studio quickly, it was purchased,built and installed in less than 48 hours!

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Changing servers can be a big upheaval for your business, so it’s vitally important that you get the right server for you  at the start, thats going to support your business to grow over it’s lifespan.

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NAS Drives

If all you need is somewhere to store your files, then the cost of running and maintaining a NAS drive can be a fraction of the cost of a Server…

The hidden cost of Printing

If you’ve not got the right printer for the amount of printing you are doing, it could be costing you a fortune both in terms of the money you are spending on ink & toner, and the amount of time you spend waiting for stuff to print!

Use the Print Cost Calculator and find out if you’ve got the right printer or not…

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