Network Health Check

It doesn’t matter whether everything is running perfectly, or your I.T. systems keep falling over, an I.T. health check is a great way to start.

Network in a Mess

What do you get?

One of our I.T. Consultants will come and see you and your offices. We’ll ask you a few questions (don’t worry, they are not too technical) and take a good look around your network infrastructure (including your router, firewall, network switches and wireless), your servers and at your desktop computers. There is a long check-list that we run through looking at all kinds of things from the speed of your network to how old your systems are, what kind of Anti-virus protection you have to how your email works.

You’ll then get a full written report and a follow up consultation to discuss the report and any queries you have.

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What's included in my Network Health Check?

  • 1-2 Hour Engineer Site Visit
  • Full Written, Colour Coded Health Check Report
  • 100% Satisfaction or your Money Back Guarantee

There's a whole load of stuff that our engineers will check during your Network Health Check, they've got a long check-list of items to work through.

Some of these things include:

  • Are the core services on your network set-up properly?
  • Have your users got the right permissions to access only the files they need to?
  • Have you got Backups Set-up?
  • When did your backups last run?
  • What kind of Anti-Virus system are you using, is it up to date?
  • Is all your software up to date with the latest security patches?
  • Are you making the best use of your computer technology?

If you know something's not quite right with your computer systems, but not quite sure what, then an IT health check is the perfect place to get started.

We've got three levels of Health Check to you to choose from, prices start from £99 and all network health checks include a full written report with a colour coded grading system so you can quickly and easily see what's good and what's not. We will even give you a full debrief following the audit and help you put the things right that need fixing.

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