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  • Providing Professional advice in a specific area of expertise
  • Finding solutions to problems no-one else has been able to solve

From Solicitors to Churches, from Schools to Football Clubs, we have worked for and in a wide range of industry sectors.

We have worked for a sole trader working on his own to one of the worlds largest organisations with offices on every continent.

The common theme running through them all was when IT stops working, it’s a whole world of pain.

Whether your network is running slow or allowing the world and his dog to see all your important files. We have Cisco Certified Engineers to work out what’s going wrong and put together the plan to put it right.

There are not many businesses today that don’t use email.  Email is the life-blood of most small businesses, thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds worth of business is done over email every single day, so when it stops working that’s a problem.

Having run e-mail systems serving thousands of people Chris is one of the top e-mail experts in the UK

Your domain name says a lot about you as a business, if you’re using a generic G-Mail or BTinternet address it’s not a great image your portraying. Equally if your own domain name is not set-up correctly it can cause all kinds of problems, including loosing e-mail and even your domain name itself.

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E-Mail Systems

E-Mail Systems

When your e-mail’s not working right it can hamper your entire business. Chris knows more than most about running business e-mail systems. If you’ve got an e-mail problem, if no-one else can help, then you need to speak to Chris, cause maybe he can help you!

IT Management

IT Management

If you are happy to manage the day to day IT Support issues yourself, but you need someone with a bit more experience to help you with your overall IT strategy and making sure you’ve got the right systems in place, then a regular Weekly or Monthly IT Management meeting would be for you.

Office Relocation

Office Relocation

There’s so much more to moving offices than just putting your stuff in a box and going, what about your internet connection, phone lines, servers, is the new office networking sufficiently? We have helped many businesses relocate and can managed the whole process from planning to moving the individual computers on the actual day.

Network Management

Network Health Check

Check your existing suppliers are doing what they are supposed to be! On too many occasions I’ve visited clients who thought their IT was fully managed, only to find all sorts of issues, no security protection, backups not actually running, being charged for work not being done. Ask for an independent IT review today.

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