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OK, so it’s quite simple.  In a nutshell we make IT work – for you and your business.  Whether you need all-encompassing IT support and management service or you just want a little bit of IT advice about the right computer to buy.  We will help you find the right tools for your business, use it in the right way and make sure that it keeps on working for you.

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We make I.T. work for you and your business

I.T. Support

When I.T. all goes wrong you need someone you can call on to put it all right again. Our I.T. packages are more than just someone to call when things go wrong, we are constantly looking out for you and monitoring your computer systems to help stop things going wrong before you even notice! Packages start from as little as £7.45 per month!

Find out more about how I.T. Support can help your business

I.T. Hardware

A lot of IT problems start with the hardware. I have seen so many people sell something which just isn’t appropriate for what they are trying to do. So what you will get from us is good solid advice on what the right hardware is for you and your business. Whether you are just looking for a couple of desktops or laptops or you need or replace your entire network and server infrastructure.

Find out about how brokenStones can help you get the right Computer Hardware

I.T. Software

Having run my business for 7+ years there are lots of bits of software I’ve used, some good, some bad, and some great. The best ones really do make your life easier – whether it’s making it easier for your customers to pay you, keeping in contact with them or showing them how to do stuff.

Find out about some of the tools that I recommend here and how we can help you get set up with them.

I.T. Consultancy

Consultancy is one of these big fancy words that people bandy around a lot – it means a whole host of things. To me, it means that I find solutions to problems that are causing you pain. To me consultancy means that I am going to listen to your problems and pains and then come up with ways to fix them and put them right by getting your IT right.

You can read more about my thoughts about consultancy here and find out about the different services you can have from us.

E-Mail Systems

I don’t mean to sound big headed but I do genuinely believe there are very very few people in this country that know more about email systems for small businesses than I do.

Email is such a fundamental tool for businesses these days that when it stops working it really causes you big problems but it shouldn’t do because it is such a simple thing to do – it just needs to be done right.

If your email is not working and constantly giving you problems and you have been told “well that’s just the way it is” then I am sorry but that’s just bollocks. You need to speak to me.

Talk to Chris about E-Mail Systems

Hosting & Domain Names

If you need your website or your email looking after for you then take a look at our Hosting Services. It is all UK based whether you have just got a small website that you are happy for it to be on a shared server with loads of other sites or you need dedicated server hosting we have got packages here to suit you.

Find out more about the brokenStones Hosting packages

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