I’m going to be honest with you, in the past I’ve not been great at keeping our news section up to date, on previous websites news items have been sporadic at best… well we are going to try harder this time… I’m hoping you will find at least 3 new news items each month, some about us, and some about what’s going on in the IT world… do you think we can manage it?

We are Hiring, Again!

We are looking to grow our team…again! If you have great technical knowledge and are brilliant at talking to new people with passion about IT we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by phone or email. Donald

Helping young people get a foot on the IT career ladder

brokenStones likes to help young people get a foot on the IT career ladder, as MD Chris Blunt is keen to pay forward the kindness he experienced as a student which helped him get where he is today. As a result, brokenStones is working with local education partners, including Wolverhampton University, to help youngsters start, and develop a career in IT, and and we’ve now got student, 20 year old Laura Smith, working with us around studying for her BSc (Hons) in Information Technology at Wolverhampton University. Helping students get a foot on the career ladder is important to brokenStones MD, Chris Blunt, as that’s how he started his career in IT. Chris says: “I did career-related part-time jobs whilst I was at university, and it really helped me learn.  I want to give other young people the same chance those companies gave me – a chance to put theory into practice and learn new skills, whilst also supporting young people with their studies by providing the flexibility they need to work whilst studying. brokenStones has a good relationship with Wolverhampton University and other local educational institutions. We’re keen to work more with these establishments, to help them in other ways if we can, such as perhaps working with them on Final Year Projects.” Once she’s completed her degree, Laura might wish to join brokenStones as a full-time IT Technician, working alongside former apprentices Kieran Stubbings and Mike Grimley who are now employed full time in the...

A growing team

We’ve had lots of new people join brokenStones in the last few months. Check out our updated Staff News  page to meet all our new team.

The Long Walk Home

Huge congratulations to Chris Blunt and the fab team in orange hoodies who walked 37.3 miles on Sunday to raise money for The Buddy Bag Foundation and the British Heart Foundation. Donald did his bit for charity too – joining the team for the last 18 miles.  Thanks to everyone for the support and...

Computers 4 Life

We’ve launched our new Computers 4 Life Scheme this month, and have been busy exhibiting at local business exhibitions and receiving lots of interest.  Find out more about our new easy way for you to upgrade your technology at Computers 4...

Highly Commended!

We had a fantastic night at the Business Networking Awards and Chris was delighted to be Highly Commended in the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category.

We’ve made it to the finals!

We’re delighted to have reached the finals in two categories at this year’s Business Networking Awards! Our MD, Chris Blunt is a finalist for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and brokenStones is a finalist in the ‘Business to Business’ business of the year category. We’re looking forward to the Awards Ceremony on 5th March 2016…....

Windows 10 – have you upgraded yet?

I have read some reviews of Windows 10 that state it is what Windows 8 should have been… I am inclined to agree. I was never really a fan of Windows 8 and always found myself going back to Windows 7. I have to admit, the whole “Start Menu” thing was a bit of an issue for me, and don’t get me started on Metro!!! I won’t lie and say that I have put Windows 10 through its paces but instead will say I have simply ‘used it’ in a day to day working environment. I have found that I took to Windows 10 much easier that 8 or 8.1. It has a much more familiar feel to it and I think that people who held off on switching from Windows 7 to 8/8.1 will find this a much smoother transition as Windows 10 feels much more like a desktop Operating System compared to 8’s Tablet feel. Windows 8/8.1 seemed more geared towards touch screen devices, which isn’t a bad thing, unless your computer doesn’t have a touch screen! It hasn’t been all plain sailing though. The main issues I have come across with Windows 10 are with our customers that have used the upgrade option in Windows 7 and 8/8.1.  I can report, however, that I performed a fresh install of Windows 10 on my computer and did not have any issues, although I did keep a second partition with my Windows 8.1 installation… just in...

CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+ approved status

We’re proud to hold the coveted CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+ approved status, which means our dedication to making your IT experience first class at all times is recognised independently as meeting the highest industry standards.

Team Away Day

We had a great Away Day for the brokenStones team at Drayton Manor recently.  Sometimes it’s important to get out of the business in order to continue to improve and develop the business.

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