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BS Net Limited was set up in 1997.  It was set up as an internet services company right of the dawn at the internet but that is not when I got involved with it….

…Skip forward to September 2006 – that was when I first set up Broken Stones Limited.  It was off the back of working for a software company where I got to tour the country installing our systems and dealing with local IT support companies. Quite frankly I was appalled at the level of services being delivered and I knew that I could do better and so brokenStones was set up to deliver an exceptional IT support service to our clients.

Jump on now to 2008, that’s when I set-up BlossomDigital in partnership with another guy, this was off the back of some joint work we’d done together, and was formed to offer website design, development and web consultancy services – it was important to keep that separate from the IT side of what we do, cause all though a lot of people tend to lump web development and IT support together, it’s two VERY different skill sets.

Blossom Digital and Broken Stones then both operated as separate independent companies until January 2012 when, after they’d both established their own identities, to streamline the administration and management they then finally combined into one company B.S Net Limited trading as The Bus Stop Group.

I headed up the IT side of the business and another guy called Alan Rowe headed up the Web Side. Later in that same year, having just moved offices and completed the rebrand, Alan sadly decided to leave the business. This left me with two options, try to run both the Web and IT side myself, or get back to my roots and take it back to the core of what we do best – The IT Support services. so that’s exactly what I did, Alan went off to do his own thing and took BlossomDigital with him, and I got my head down, worked my rear end of to replace the bit of the business we’d just lost, and now I am SO glad thats what I did, it’s really paid off now!

Lets jump back to 2006 now (I did tell you I’d jump around a bit!)… My first main client was Yahoo! the internet giant, can’t get much better to start with can you? I got stuck in looking after their corporate E-Mail Servers for EMEA, and had a whale of a time, what a great place to work for… but it was never about the one big client for me, so whilst working for Yahoo I also started to build up a strong base of small businesses, providing a professional IT support service.

In January 2013 I launched the IT club called ‘My Business IT Club’ aimed specifically at sole traders and limited companies with one or two people in the business.  It is a membership organisation that is dedicated to help you grow your business through effective use of IT.

So that takes us through to today, where we have got three main customer bases.

brokenStones Help Desk

Generally Office based businesses, with anything from 5 up to 200 Staff, often with multiple office locations, all interconnected.

IT Club Members

One or two people, working from home, on the road or in serviced offices. The important factor here is cost effective access to IT help and advice where and when you need it.


We’ve got quite a few customers were all we do is host their website or e-mail (or both).

If facts and figures excite you, and you are still reading this far, here is the timeline of how things happened:-

  • 1997 - B.S. Net formed
  • September 2006 - Broken Stones Limited formed
  • February 2008 - Blossom Digital Limited formed
  • September 2008 - Moved in to First Office
  • March 2009 - Moved in to 2nd Office
  • January 2012 - Chris Blunt and Alan Rowe acquired BS Net Limited
  • March 2012 - The Bus Stop Group is born, and represents brokenStones, BlossomDigital all as B.S Net Limited
  • September 2012 - Moved in to 3rd Office
  • October 2012 - BlossomDigital leaves the Bus Stop Group
  • January 2013 - I.T. Club Launched
  • January 2014 - New brokenStones Website Launches

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