Become a Supplier

This page is all about making it easy for you

This page is all about making it easy for you

I am going to be honest with you here,

We get a shed load of calls from various kinds of people trying to sell us stuff

Yes they can be a bit of a nuisance and I know it’s not nice having to make those calls – I ‘ve had to make some myself over the years.

You don’t really want to make them and we don’t really want to receive them.

What we do want is good reliable suppliers that give us the service we need and that have values similar to our own.

If you want to be a supplier to us don’t call us.

If you ignore what I’ve taken the time to write here, that is just going to show us that you have not read this page and that you don’t really care about finding out about us and you will get a pretty blunt response from us because of it.

What you need to do is have a good look through our website and see if we are the kind of company that you want to do business with, see if the way we do things fits with the way that you do things? Because then we are going to have a good chance of getting along together aren’t we?

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    Have a really good read through all of our website – we will get on best if we both have similar values

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    Why are we going to be a good fit?

    After finding out about us, tell me why you think you'd be a good fit? References from some of your other clients would also be good to include. Why should we work with you above others in your field?

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    Stand Out a bit

    This is where most people fail.
    What makes you stand out from everyone else that wants to work with us? What can you offer us that no-one else can?

If after reading through our website, you decide you do still want to do business with us then the first thing to do is drop your details in the form below, tell us a bit about you and your business and the more of those questions you can answer the better.  I would also strongly encourage you to do a little video about yourself telling us face to face why it would be worthwhile the two of us working together.

As soon as you drop your details in the box below and click ‘send’, you will get an email back from us.  You can then just reply back to that email with a link to your video.

After we have read through what you have put in the boxes below and we have watched your video (if you’ve taken the time to do one?) then if we like what we hear then we will get back in touch and we can talk further.

So please don’t waste our time with endless telephone calls – let’s start off how we mean to go on.

Become a Supplier