Helping young people get a foot on the IT career ladder

Helping young people get a foot on the IT career ladder
brokenStones likes to help young people get a foot on the IT career ladder, as MD Chris Blunt is keen to pay forward the kindness he experienced as a student which helped him get where he is today.
As a result, brokenStones is working with local education partners, including Wolverhampton University, to help youngsters start, and develop a career in IT, and and we’ve now got student, 20 year old Laura Smith, working with us around studying for her BSc (Hons) in Information Technology at Wolverhampton University.
Helping students get a foot on the career ladder is important to brokenStones MD, Chris Blunt, as that’s how he started his career in IT. Chris says: “I did career-related part-time jobs whilst I was at university, and it really helped me learn.  I want to give other young people the same chance those companies gave me – a chance to put theory into practice and learn new skills, whilst also supporting young people with their studies by providing the flexibility they need to work whilst studying. brokenStones has a good relationship with Wolverhampton University and other local educational institutions. We’re keen to work more with these establishments, to help them in other ways if we can, such as perhaps working with them on Final Year Projects.”
Once she’s completed her degree, Laura might wish to join brokenStones as a full-time IT Technician, working alongside former apprentices Kieran Stubbings and Mike Grimley who are now employed full time in the business.
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