25 Today!

Hey Internetters,

Can you believe that The Internet is 25 today?!

On 12th March 1989 the World Wide Web was born.

It all started with a technical paper being submitted by a British scientist at a physics laboratory in Switzerland 25 years ago.

Berners-Lee’s creation was the World Wide Web – a system for publishing information over the internet. The world’s first ever website, created by Berners-Lee, didn’t go “live” until December 20, 1990.

Today about 2.6billion people use the Web. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without it.

You don’t even need a computer now to access it as you can do so via your smartphone making it easier than ever to get on-line.

Tim Berners-Lee's creation, the 'World Wide Web'.

Tim Berners-Lee’s creation, the ‘World Wide Web’.








On that note, Happy 25th Birthday Internet! We know there is much more to come in the future…

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